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About Team Driven / Patrick Davis

USCA member since 1999

Competitor experience: titled (4) seperate dogs in Schutzhund, all H.O.T

• 2x member of Sch3 club
• 2002 AWDF 1st place Team Champion (gsd)
• 2002 AWDF Vice Sch1 Champion
• 2003 USA Nationals (Sch3)
• 2006 SW Regional Sch1 Champion
• 2006 North American (Sch1)
• numerous club trials

Helper experience: National level classified

• 2002 Bay Area Rottweiler Klub- BST (front/back)
• 2004 NW Regionals (back half)
• 2007 H.O.T Championship (front half)
• 2007 NW Regionals (back half)
• 2008 USA Seiger Show (alternate)
• 2008 AWMA Nationals (front half)
• 2008 Bay Area Rottweiler Klub- BST (front/back)
• 2010 USA Nationals (back half)
• 2011 NW Regionals (front half)
• numerous club trials
• Total # of trial dogs worked= 180+

K-9 Handler and Training co ordinator for Madera County Sheriffs K9 unit since 2007

Group Training, Private Training and Housecalls We understand that every unique situation may require a unique solution, therefore we offer multiple types of training environments. With proper guidance from a knowledgeable trainer (that's me), obedience training can be fun for everyone (that's you) and the results should be immediate (that's your dog). The best programs show you how to train in brief, real-life sessions that seamlessly integrate the training into your everyday life.

Team Driven Promotes Teamwork Training opens up an effective line of communication between you and your new friend and, if you’re consistent, instills a sense of mutual trust.  Trust is essential to teamwork and an integral part of training; if your dog trusts you, s/he’ll be more willing to listen to you.  And if s/he listens to you, s/he’ll be more easy to control and guide through any situation the two of you may encounter, whether inside or out!

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"To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge."- Nicolaus Copernicus

"The game is a lot bigger than you, think you know. And if you think you know, then I don't think you know." - DMX

What We Do



Training for everyone! Obedience training provides you with the basic foundation for preventing and solving just about any problem your pup may dream up.

What We Do It With


Dog Training Equipment from All K-9 Inc
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All K-9 Inc carries everything you need for any type of dog trainng; from obedience tugs to full Demanet bite suits and everything in between.

It's simple, if you made it to this website then your next stop should be www.allk-9.com. If you're going to train your dog, then you're going to need some equipment. Do yourself and your dog a favor and get the good stuff from All K-9 Inc.

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